Talismans are used all around the world for many reasons including protection, inspiration, and positive outcomes. GRANDMASTER SUN (GMS) is a modern-day wizard whose profound universal wisdom and psychic abilities have captivated all who know him. He has been retained by the world’s elite to expand their portfolios and guide them to success, fame, wealth and positivity. Now he wants to make the knowledge of the Ancients Egyptians and Chinese Alchemy more easily accessible. He has curated a Talisman that has the power to change the way you experience life and create your own reality.

GRANDMASTER SUN’S mission is to help all people achieve their dreams, promoting positive polarity and moving us into a 5th dimension experience. Almost all Talismans are absolutely powerless. People spend thousands of dollars on objects that carry no transformative energy hoping to change their lives. But these items are useless. GRANDMASTER SUN has curated a Talisman that elementally contains cosmic light waves from the Sun and the Moon and the 12 Principles of Light as well as cymatic sound frequencies from the Hermetica and have TRUE power that alters the way you experience the world. When you connect with the energy embodied in the Pi Xiu Talisman you will manifest more naturally bringing into reality your soul’s purpose and desire. This beautiful and effective portable source of good fortune and protection is affordable and available to everyone.

The interaction of the wearer with the GRANDMASTER SUN Winning Lottery Bracelet takes place at the cellular level. The power incorporated into the Pi Xiu Talisman has the capacity to alter the DNA of the human cell regenerating, improving, and raising the vibration of the owner. This is the embodiment of universal light and love, and you will feel the vibration of this sacred gift as soon as you personally connect with the energy held within the Talisman.

GMS Pi Xiu bracelets allow individuals to imagine things into existence the same way the dynamic forces of Cosmic Consciousness create worlds. We all have the capacity to design our own reality by choosing our thoughts wisely and controlling the frequency of our personal vibration. This is the lost message of the Ascended Masters including Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and others. We are the All. Tap into your own creativity with the GRANDMASTER SUN Winning Lottery Bracelet. Your world awaits.


SUN and MOON : Gold represents the Sun and Silver represents the Moon. These metals reflect the light of those two celestial bodies accordingly.

The Sun indicates enlightenment, divine wisdom, and spiritual growth and is seen as a gateway to the spiritual. It is life-giving energy and is symbolic of the supreme cosmic energy that nourishes everything. The sun produces positivity, clarity, energy, confidence, influence, and other positive characterizations. It can also be interpreted as Self and in western astrology is how the world views us. The Sun is connected to the Egyptian god Ra.

The Moon indicates feminine energy, fertility and progress and is seen as a hidden but powerful force that can be unlocked by contemplation and meditation. It is associated with the goddess Isis in Egyptian mythology as well as Luna, Artemis, and Selene in other cultural lore. In tarot the Moon card can refer to our shadow selves or things we fear. It is seen in cycles and these cycles affect us because the Moon is the closest celestial orb to the earth. The Moon can also be said to represent our emotional persona and in western astrology your Moon sign is interpreted as your inner self which can be useful in understanding how and why we react to external inputs.

Since the Moon forms a pair with the Sun, it symbolizes balance. The Moon and the Sun exist together and represent the dichotomy between dark and light, male and female, conscious and unconscious, ignorance and knowledge, naivety, and wisdom and, of course, yin and yang. For this reason, it is included on the beads of the GRANDMASTER SUN Winning Lottery Bracelet giving us the power to master our emotions and experience true balance and serenity which is a necessary key to manifesting.


Jupiter in Roman mythology is the king of the gods, also known as Zeus in Greek mythology. Jupiter is the 5th planet from the Sun and the largest planet in our solar system. The energy of Jupiter is the embodiment of luck and opportunity, and likewise, represents abundance, generosity, and the Higher Self. In western astrology Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius and the 9th house focusing on expansion, travel, exploration, and wisdom. Formerly the ruling planet of Aquarius, Jupiter plays an influential role in the current shift into the collective energy of the Age of Aquarius and the idea of allowing and manifesting rather than hard work and limiting beliefs. This powerful symbol incorporates luck, self-actualization, and expansion into the beads on the GRANDMASTER SUN Winning Lottery Bracelet.


The Egyptian god of writing, knowledge, magic and the Moon, Thoth is one of the most important gods of ancient Egypt. He is the son of two deities that represent Chaos and Order and therefore Thoth is also the god of equilibrium or balance (the Temperance card in tarot). He is often depicted as a man with the head of an ibis, a crane-like bird, which is a powerful symbol of abundance in Chinese culture. His Greek persona is that of Hermes, messenger of the gods and Thoth is therefore credited with the creation of law, magic, writing, philosophy, science, and religion. He is powerfully aligned with Ra and the concepts of divine order and justice. The Emerald Tablet of Thoth is believed to contain the secrets of the world. The crane and the Eye of Ra are both used on the GRANDMASTER SUN Winning Lottery Bracelet intended to give the wearer access to all the ancient mysteries of divine geometry and magic.


The Master of Secrets and the god of Resurrection, Anubis is found in the underworld or afterlife working in conjunction with Thoth to keep the Akashic Records. Sometimes regarded as the son of Ra, by other accounts the son of Osiris and Isis, this influential god is best engaged when a person desires to find the truth of a situation or uncover mysteries keeping them from success. Additionally, the Akashic Records identify the Karma from past lives that requires balancing and the GRANDMASTER SUN Winning Lottery Bracelet allows for this karma to be cleared with positive effect opening the way for receiving abundance.


This ancient Egyptian hieroglyph, also known as the Key of Life, is one of the most powerful symbols in the world. A combination of air and water, earth and sun, or male and female, the Ankh embodies creation and procreation – life itself. These Old Kingdom amulets were known to transmute a person’s aura into a positive vibration. Isis, the wife of Osiris god of the Underworld, is associated with the Ankh. The mystical properties of fertility, magic, healing, and eternal life are incorporated in the GRANDMASTER SUN Winning Lottery Bracelet through the Ankh.


A powerful symbol of good luck and creative action, the Eye of Ra is also known as the All-Seeing Eye. The Eye of Ra is capable of repelling all negative energy and restoring harmony. Closely related to the Ankh, the Eye of Ra is both protective and brings new life. The omnipotent nature of this symbol is why it is chosen to adorn the box and the carry bag for the GRANDMASTER SUN Winning Lottery Bracelet. The All-Seeing Eye watches over and integrates all of the energies of the separate elements of the bracelet and the Talisman ensuring balance and positive results.


The centerpiece of the GRANDMASTER SUN Winning Lottery Bracelet is the golden Pi Xiu, a powerful ancient Chinese creature with the body of a winged lion and the head of a dragon. The Pi Xiu is the ninth son of the Dragon King and an auspicious symbol of wealth and protection. Legend holds that the Pi Xiu angered the Jade Emperor and as his punishment he closed the anus of the Pi Xiu. As a result, the Pi Xiu, who eats gold, silver and precious metals and gemstones, can consume wealth but never expels it. This auspicious symbol of wealth and accumulation is able to draw in abundance from all directions and is ferociously devoted to the one who awakens it. GRANDMASTER SUN infuses this Talisman on each bracelet with light and sound from the Universe so when you awaken and connect with your Pi Xiu Talisman it will directly affect you at a soul level bringing into reality your thoughts and dreams.


Several beads are embossed with special Chinese mantra prayers that resonate with the Pi Xiu and magnify the positive polarity and align the energy infused in the Talisman. These bead increase the effectiveness of the GRANDMASTER SUN Winning Lottery Bracelet.


The multi-colored beads represent the 5 elements taught in Feng Shui and are arranged in the productive cycle to maximize the expansive power of these elemental connections.

Green = Wood
Red = Fire
Yellow = Earth
Clear = Metal
Black = Water

Having each bead in the proper order ensures balance and productivity. These elements enhance the effectiveness of your connection with the Pi Xiu on your bracelet.


Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass that has the power to cleanse dark energy. When worn touching the skin it can reduce stress, flush out toxins, restore a sense of calm and bring clarity to the wearer. The obsidian beads on the GRANDMASTER SUN Winning Lottery Bracelet, embossed with powerful symbology, work with the 8th Chakra, the Star Chakra, bringing us into spiritual oneness and granting us access to the creative forces of the Universe.