Talismans are used all around the world for many reasons including protection, inspiration, and positive outcomes. GRANDMASTER SUN (GMS) is a modern-day wizard whose profound universal wisdom and psychic abilities have captivated all who know him. GMS studied Divine Astrology which originated from the hidden knowledge of the Sumerians and the Anunnaki circa 3400 BC. He has been retained by the world’s elite to expand their portfolios and guide them to success, fame, wealth and positivity. Now he wants to make the knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians and Chinese Alchemy more easily accessible. He has curated a Talisman that has the power to change the way you experience life and create your own reality.

GRANDMASTER SUN’S mission is to bring enlightenment and promote positive energy to the world. Almost all Talismans are absolutely powerless. People spend thousands of dollars on objects that carry no transformative energy hoping to change their lives. But these items are useless. GRANDMASTER SUN has curated a Talisman that elementally contains cosmic light waves from the Sun and the Moon and the 12 Principles of Light as well as cymatic sound frequencies from the Hermetica and have TRUE power that alters the way you experience the world. When you connect with the energy embodied in the Pi Au Talisman you will manifest more naturally bringing into reality your soul’s purpose and desire. This beautiful and effective portable source of good fortune protection is affordable and available to everyone.

The interaction of the wearer with the GRANDMASTER SUN Winning Lottery Bracelet takes place at a subatomic level. The power incorporated into the Pi Au Talisman has the capacity to alter the DNA of the human cell regenerating, improving, and raising the vibration of the owner. This is the embodiment of universal light and love, and you will feel the vibration of this sacred gift as soon as you personally connect with the energy held within the Talisman.

Knowing your Divine Celestial Purpose, sometimes called DCP or North Node, is the key to happiness and fulfilling your spiritual mission in this life. Using your month of birth, GRANDMASTER SUN imprints the bracelet with the sound wave frequencies that bring you into alignment with your purpose and destiny.

GMS Pi Au bracelets allow individuals to imagine things into existence the same way the dynamic forces of Cosmic Consciousness create worlds. We all have the capacity to design our own reality by choosing our thoughts wisely and controlling the frequency of our personal vibration. This is the lost message of the Ascended Masters including Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and others. We are the All. Tap into your own creativity with the GRANDMASTER SUN Winning Lottery Bracelet. Your world awaits.

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