It has been scientifically proven that everything is energy and has a vibration. Therefore, thoughts and emotions are vibrations. They can operate at a lower “denser” frequency or what we term negative thinking. Higher frequency thoughts are lighter and more positive. Our thoughts can affect our physical health. Other people’s opinions can impact how we feel about ourselves. And so on. So how can we navigate this tangled grid of inputs and outcomes? Maintaining a higher vibrational state of being is the eternal challenge.

GRANDMASTER SUN has discovered a way to keep a person’s distinctive biorhythm continuously aligned with the Cosmic Frequency. The Cosmic Frequency is the sacred vibration of harmony, health, and beauty. This is the natural state of creation which becomes veiled when we incarnate into this world. It is further obscured by belief systems which are instilled in us from birth and experiences that shape our interpretation of ourselves and the world around us.

The ancient wisdom practiced by the Chinese, Mayans, Ancient Egyptians, Native Americans and taught by the Ascended Masters of all cultures has also been lost or subjugated for centuries. GRANDMASTER SUN, the world’s only Master Metaphysician and Divine Alchemist, has excavated this hidden knowledge and is now providing a way to reconnect with its power.

People spend thousands of dollars on beautiful talismans made of pure gold with diamonds and rubies believing they will bring prosperity. These trinkets have been found to be useless. Almost all talismans, including Pi Au talismans, contain no actual power. Even those that claim to have been blessed by monks, Fengshui Masters, and Shamans cannot resonate with the wearer because they are energetically empty.

Light carries intelligence. Applying this principle, GRANDMASTER SUN telecosmically suffuses natural and manmade objects with the energy of the Sun, the Moon and the 12 Principles of Light taught in the Hermetic tradition. By performing this mystical ceremonial ritual, he transforms the Pi Au talisman on the bracelet into a conduit of celestial power which connects the wearer to the Universal Mind. Like a magnet, this fusion establishes a flow of pure positivity that intuitively attracts success, abundance, love, health and more.

GRANDMASTER SUN only needs the month of birth to specifically align the energy to the individual producing a powerful vibration that meets you where you are. The Pi Au, combined with specific Chinese mantra prayers and the 5-element theory, works in concert with the All-Seeing Eye to properly awaken the energy and ensure a magical experience. GMS Talismans, including the Pi Au, magnify and transmit the correct frequency initiating a healing energy exchange.

This advanced technology integrates the head and heart, thoughts and emotions and can even alter and repair DNA. Individuals who have awakened and connected with a GRANDMASTER SUN Talisman integrate the divine creative power of the Universe and open to the infinite possibilities of the 8th Dimension. They do not need to chase money, success, or love. It flows naturally to them like a river to the sea. For them, their dreams are reality.

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This symbol represents the 5 elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit. It also communicates protection, light and darkness, hope and eternity as well as harmony and balance. The segments of the pentagram exhibit the golden ratio making it aesthetically pleasing. Ancient Egyptians featured this symbol in their tombs and seals. There are ties to ancient Hermetic Principles, as well, ... ... Read more


The star at the center of the solar system is depicted as a dot within a circle and represents Christ. In the Egyptian writing system this hieroglyph is interpreted as Ra or Sun. Early Chinese script used a similarly shaped symbol which evolved over time to a square. The circle is seen as the movement of planets around this central source of light and love.


When facing downward, this symbol represents protection as well as manifesting untold riches and abundance. It has been used on amulets and jewelry for centuries and is connected to many religions and regions. This powerful icon, when connected to the energy of GRANDMASTER SUN, brings great success to the wearer.


Most recognizable as a symbol of the freemasons, the square and the compass are tools used in building. The hidden knowledge practiced by the masons was taken from the Emerald Tablets of Thoth and is meant for all of us to employ. The square and compasses represent wisdom and a solid foundation which is necessary when manifesting an outcome. GRANDMASTER SUN uses this depiction as a basis ... ... Read more


The line down the center determines the height of the triangle in geometry. It represents a strong mind and willpower needed to allow a person to manifest. Similar to the 5-pointed star, it has a grounded bottom rising into a more spiritual top pointing at the heavens. By reaching our thought from the earthly to the celestial we draw the energy of the ether into our present reality, trans... ... Read more


This division represents many things. On a zodiacal wheel it represents the grouping of 3 signs in a 90-degree delineation correlating to the seasons of the zodiac. This also is interpreted as a simplified Wheel of Fortune Card in Tarot as well as the four cardinal directions, the four winds and the four “corners of the earth”. Here it stands for syncretism, all religions being one collec... ... Read more