The GRANDMASTER SUN Winning Lottery Bracelet has many elements that work collaboratively under the protection and energetic signature of the All-Seeing Eye (see Eye of Ra and Thoth below). The symbology on the beads, the beads themselves, the design of the bracelet and the infusion of the Pi Au Talisman all work together to offer a portal into another dimension to the wearer. This experience is available to everyone because of GRANDMASTER SUN. Not everyone will benefit in the same way. Your transformation will be unique and personal and depends on the willingness of the individual to open themselves to seeing the world very differently. You do not need to study metaphysics or undergo hypnotism or cleanse your aura, etc. GMS has completed the metaphysical preparations while creating his Talismans. All the owner needs to do is connect with the energy incorporated into the bracelet and allow it to do its work naturally.

The images on the beads are each powerful in their own right. The combination is unlike anything ever created before. Below is a brief explanation of the chosen symbols, materials used, and other significant details. Whatever resonates with you will serve to enhance your experience


The centerpiece of the GRANDMASTER SUN Winning Lottery Bracelet is the golden Pi Au, a powerful ancient Chinese creature with the body of a winged lion and the head of a dragon. The Pi Au is the ninth son of the Dragon King and an auspicious symbol of wealth and protection. Legend holds that the Pi Au angered the Jade Emperor and as his punishment he closed the anus of the Pi Au. As a res... ... Read more


A powerful symbol of good luck and creative action, the Eye of Ra is also known as the All-Seeing Eye. The Eye of Ra is capable of repelling all negative energy and restoring harmony. Closely related to the Ankh, the Eye of Ra is both protective and brings new life. The omnipotent nature of this symbol is why it is chosen to adorn the box and the carry bag for the GRANDMASTER SUN Winning ... ... Read more


Gold represents the Sun and Silver represents the Moon. These metals reflect the light of those two celestial bodies accordingly. This particular symbol also represents platinum, the combination of gold and silver in Alchemy.

The Sun indicates enlightenment, divine wisdom, and spiritual growth and is seen as a gateway to the spiritual. It is life-giving energy and is symbolic o... ... Read more


Jupiter in Roman mythology is the king of the gods, also known as Zeus in Greek mythology. Jupiter is the 5th planet from the Sun and the largest planet in our solar system. The energy of Jupiter is the embodiment of luck and opportunity, and likewise, represents abundance, generosity, and the Higher Self. In western astrology Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius and the 9th house ... ... Read more


The Egyptian god of writing, knowledge, magic and the Moon, Thoth is one of the most important gods of ancient Egypt. He is the son of two deities that represent Chaos and Order and therefore Thoth is also the god of equilibrium or balance. He is often depicted as a man with the head of an ibis, a crane-like bird, which is a powerful symbol of abundance in Chinese culture. His Greek person... ... Read more


The Master of Secrets and the god of Resurrection, Anubis is found in the underworld or afterlife working in conjunction with Thoth to keep the Akashic Records. Sometimes regarded as the son of Ra, by other accounts the son of Osiris and Isis, this influential god is best engaged when a person desires to find the truth of a situation or uncover mysteries keeping them from success. Additiona... ... Read more


This greatly misunderstood symbol is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph, also known as the Key of Life, and is one of the most powerful symbols in the world. A combination of air and water, earth and sun, or male and female, the Ankh embodies creation and procreation – life itself. These Old Kingdom amulets were known to transmute a person’s aura into a positive vibration. Isis, the wife of O... ... Read more


Several beads are embossed with special Chinese mantra prayers that resonate with the Pi Au and magnify the positive polarity and align the energy infused in the Talisman. These beads increase the effectiveness of the GRANDMASTER SUN Winning Lottery Bracelet.


The multi-colored beads represent the 5 elements taught in Feng Shui and are arranged in the productive cycle to maximize the expansive power of these elemental connections.
Green = Wood
Red = Fire
Yellow = Earth
Clear = Metal
Black = Water
Having each bead in the proper order ensures balance and productivity. These elements enhance the effectiveness of your conne... ... Read more


Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass that has the power to cleanse dark energy. When worn touching the skin it can reduce stress, flush out toxins, restore a sense of calm and bring clarity to the wearer. Beads are spherical and represent a complete cycle of life. The obsidian beads on the GRANDMASTER SUN Winning Lottery Bracelet, embossed with powerful symbology, work with the... ... Read more


Nikola Tesla believed that 369 is the Key to the Universe and the gateway to the 4th dimension. The mathematical properties of the numbers 3, 6 and 9 are mirrored in nature, religion, science and the human experience. With 3 representing the positive energy of the universe and 6 representing the negative energy, combined they make 9, the divine spiritual energy that controls the balance be... ... Read more

INSTRUCTIONS: Reading the instructions on how to awaken, connect with, and care for your Pi Au is of utmost importance. Anyone abusing the power of the Pi Au will experience negative results with dire consequences. This power is to be handled with care and consideration. It is imperative that if you decide to disconnect from the Pi Au you dispose of the bracelet properly to ensure a positive separation with no residual consequences. Additionally, there is a Guided Meditation on the back of the instruction page to enhance manifesting your desires.