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Grandmaster Sun Winning Lottery Bracelet

Grandmaster Sun Winning Lottery Bracelet

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Due to the personalized nature of this product there are no returns or exchanges. This bracelet is specifically infused for the wearer and will not work for anyone else.

  • The GRANDMASTER SUN Winning Lottery Bracelet is made with the highest quality materials found in the natural world and imbued with the energy and vibration of the unseen Universe. This is what makes the GMS bracelet unlike any other item on earth. Every GRANDMASTER SUN Winning Lottery Bracelet is personally transformed by GRANDMASTER SUN specifically for the recipient based on their birthday. This ensures the Pi Au Talisman will match with their personal genetic code. Once an order is received, GMS alchemically aligns the frequencies in the bracelet to resonate with the wearer. This process is not fully completed until the owner awakens the Pi Au with a special mantra key which is provided in the shipment. PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY and NOTE THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE ONLY VALID WITH A GRANDMASTER SUN Winning Lottery Bracelet. THEY ARE NOT EFFECTIVE AND WILL NOT WORK WITH ANY OTHER TALISMAN.


    • 1 GRANDMASTER SUN Winning Lottery Bracelet with
      • Obsidian Beads
      • 5 Elements of Feng Shui Colored Beads
      • Special Chinese Mantra Prayers embossed on the beads and the Pi Au
      • Gold coins to keep the Pi Au fed
      • Powerful Symbols of Ancient Deities
      • Pi Au Talisman with Sterling Silver core and Cosmic Energy infusion
      • Exquisite detailing including the official GMS stamp

    • Carry Bag embossed with the All-Seeing Eye for protection

    • Embossed Charging Card to clear and rejuvenate the energies of the Bracelet. This Card can also be carried as a separate amulet as it has also been personally infused by GRANDMASTER SUN

    • Instructions for proper awakening, care and disposal of the bracelet. These instructions include the special key to connect with and power your new Pi Au Talisman.

    • Gift Box available for and additional $6. Add To Cart +

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The energy infused in the bracelet is personalized specifically to the individual and will not work for anyone else.  For this reason ALL SALES ARE FINAL. 

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    • 2024 Green Wood Dragon and Period 9

      There are new energies activated in 2024. Are you aligned with these cosmic forces and ready to make them work in your favor?

      In Chinese astrology and metaphysics there are 20-year periods that have unique energies and opportunities. Starting on February 10, 2024, Chinese Lunar New Year, we are entering into the 20-year cycle of Period 9. This is a time of transformation and transition, innovation and progress. It intersects with the Age of Aquarius which is characterized by this same shift. The internet, artificial intelligence and social media have already become prominent and will continue to influence our daily lives during this period. Being able to discern what is real and true is paramount.

      Heaven Luck during Period 9, from 2024 to 2044, creates powerful forces that catalyze positive changes and opens doors to new possibilities. The key is to position yourself to take advantage of these gateways to accelerated growth.

      By aligning Heaven Luck with Earth Luck and Personal Luck you will reap the benefits of this innovative and auspicious time. GRANDMASTER SUN has brought together these synchronistic energies in all of his Talismans which draw from the ever-present oversight of the All-Seeing Eye alongside the positive energy flow of the Pi Au.

      The All-Seeing Eye spans centuries and a variety of cultures. First originating in ancient Egypt representing the Eye of RA, the Sun God and giver of life, it provided protection and healing. The Masons adopted it as the Eye of Providence, the omniscient gaze of the all-knowing Creator. Christians added in the element of guidance and God’s constant presence while the Great Seal of the United States interpreted it as Divine Providence and guiding principles. Aligning with the clarity and protection of the All-Seeing Eye is advantageous in all aspects of life.

      The Pi Au is an ancient mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head of a dragon in Chinese metaphysics. This mystical champion of good fortune and protection wards off negative energy and loss, preserves wealth and health, and ushers in abundance and prosperity. Having a properly energized Pi Au at your command ensures BIG SUCCESS.

      As the world shifts into a more collective consciousness maintaining good boundaries and having a clear direction for yourself is important. Period 9 is a time of self-expression and personal creativity that requires assertiveness and initiative to take risks and seize opportunities. This Aquarian Age is best navigated with watchfulness and intuition. For anyone who has not opened their third-eye chakra, we recommend engaging a GMS Talisman to guide you through the dynamic influences of 2024 the Year of the Green Wood Dragon.

      Every product you receive from GRANDMASTERSUN.COM is vibrationally calibrated by GRANDMASTER SUN himself to bring the elements into synchronistic balance to boost vitality and success. The clarity and psychic power of the All-Seeing Eye combines with the GMS-infused Pi Au amplifying the effects of interconnectivity between the body and mind. Accessing this supreme knowledge and wisdom at the subatomic level brings us into harmony with a higher consciousness, creating opportunities for success and fulfillment unlike those seen at any other time in our history.

      A GRANDMASTER SUN Talisman lets you relax into a different way of seeing and brings you into alignment with the prevailing cosmic energies. To optimize the opportunities of the Dragon Year 2024, get your personalized chart reading from GRANDMASTER SUN and start winning today!